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Need a resume for job

Do You Need a Resume for a Job?

Yes, you do need a resume. Your resume, combined with your social media presence is your calling card.

You can spend hours working on it.  But don’t let the search for absolute perfection, stop you from writing your first, basic resume.  It will be a workin process!


For format, start with your college career service website and other college websites. You can also look online for style inspiration. Sample resumes are everywhere. If you want to be creative, go to Pinterest or look at the resumes of people working in fields that interest you.

Consider first creating a foundation resume that can be used for networking or when you have a deadline.

Be concise and focused. The reader will spend very little time on your resume, you need to grab their attention.

Whenever possible, illustrate outcomes and quantify your achievements. As a fresh graduate, much of your experience will have been as part of a team. For example: Member of a team responsible for review of order process system. System enhancements resulted in a 15% reduction in time to ship

Make sure your resume is error-free. Don’t rely on spell check. Look at every word from start to finish and bottom to top.

Have a friend and a respected professional look over your resume. Review the resume with Career Services.

We can help. Contact us at or for information and career coaching.

Enjoy exploring your opportunities!


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