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What is the Dress Code for an Interview?

This is the second in a series of posts addressing clothing and grooming for an interview. We are interested in your feedback and what you have learned about dress for success in an interview.

Do people still wear suits to every interview? How do I know when to dress in casual clothes?

As a college student looking for a first job, you may have many questions about what to wear, and concern about the cost of interview clothes.

As basic preparation for your job search, invest in one traditional business outfit. Depending on the company, you may not wear it often, but if you are looking for work in finance, legal, consulting, government or other traditional area, you will need the clothes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money- focus on an outfit that is simple, fits you well, doesn’t wrinkle too much and is comfortable.

Men should learn to tie a tie before the first time it is needed for an interview and try not to wear someone else’s ill-fitting blazer. As recruiters we have seen many people arrive at an interview looking like they are wearing Dad’s jacket.

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