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Entry Level Jobs After College

Are you wondering how to find an entry level job after college graduation?  

Outlined below is some information to help you succeed in your job search.

What is an entry level job?

Entry level jobs are roles that require little or no professional work experience. Titles can vary greatly depending on the company. Possible titles include Assistant, Associate, Analyst or Coordinator.  

As you develop your resume, cover letter and outreach for an entry level job, consider how the skills you developed in internships or part time positions during college relate to the job description. In addition, volunteer work, fraternity/sorority leadership roles and participation in athletics are all areas where you have developed the attributes an employer looks for in an employee.

In an entry level job your goal is to learn and develop the professional and social skills needed to grow within the company and industry. Corporate training and leadership development programs offer great development opportunities.

How to find a good entry level job that offers training and development?

Entry level jobs differ in terms of the amount of training they actually offer.  

Do your research. Use your network and ask friends, relatives and recent graduates for recommendations of companies with strong training and development. Speak to alumni who work in your target field. Ask people how they started and for suggestions for your job search.  

The economy is good. In today’s job market companies are using training and development as a way to attract great candidates. Check out the company website and Facebook page to learn specifics. You may be surprised at the range of companies offering structured training and development to new employees, from Bonobos to Burger King there are many opportunities.

If you are someone who wants a small company or start-up, enjoys learning by doing, and teaching yourself, you may not be looking for a training program. During your job search consider other important factors such as company culture, opportunities for promotion and key skills needed to reach next levels.  

Does the degree need to match the job title or career option? 

The short answer is no. If you majored in computer science, software engineering, or data analytics, you have probably found a range of entry level jobs within your major to consider. You will need to sort opportunities by considering the industry, growth opportunities in both the role and the industry, company culture, salary, work/life balance and your passion and energy.

For liberal arts majors, the first job or industry may not be so obvious. Look for an entry level role in a growing company that interests you. Consider the types of people you meet in the company and learn about the potential career paths. Employers hire people for their ability to solve problems and get things done. Liberal arts majors can show that they are critical thinkers and lifelong learners. If you do not have a specific technical skill to demonstrate, show competencies you have developed that will add value to the organization. 

For more discussion, see our interview in the Kenyon College Kenyon at Work newsletter.

Good luck and enjoy exploring your opportunities. Contact us at CareerAmplify if you have questions or would like to discuss your job search. We look forward to speaking with you! 

About the Author

Debbie Matson is a Career Coach, Recruiter and Founder of CareerAmplify. She has an MBA from Cornell University and is a certified Executive Coach from Columbia University Teachers College. Her passion is empowering students moving from academics to full-time employment, and helping people at all stages of their careers find the next great job.

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