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Looking for a New Job?

Here are some tips to keep you on track and stress free!

  1. Update your resume. What was your role, what are you most proud of? Focus on quantifying your accomplishments and illustrating your skills.
  2. Create a basic cover letter. You will edit the letter as needed, and many employers and recruiters will not read it. But for employers who care, the cover letter may be the most important document you send out.
  3. Think about your 3 line message. Who are you and what are you looking for. Make sure close friends, family and former colleagues know your message.
  4. Review all of your social media accounts. Consider removing any extreme posts that may affect a potential employer’s opinion of you.
  5. Take a new profile photo. Update your social media accounts with a positive and up-to-date photo. There are great local photographers who can provide make up and wardrobe assistance.
  6. If you don’t have a Linkedin page you should create one. Consider the Summary section an opportunity to showcase your skills and personality.
  7. Your network will be an important part of finding your next job. Think about former colleagues, vendors and anyone you have collaborated with.
  8. Consider sitting down with a good friend, family member or former colleague, and start creating a contact network database. Your goal – identify the top 20 people who will help you take the next steps toward your next job.
  9. Commit to a process and start planning your search. How much time will you spend every day. Where will you work on your search?
  10. Try and enjoy exploring your options! Make the most of the chance to shape your future.

At CareerAmplify we are experts in job search. We can help you prepare for and land your next great role.

Check out our website www.careeramplify.com, email us on info@careeramplify.com, or call 860-310-4730.  We look forward to working with you!

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