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Preparing for a Skype Interview for job Search

Preparing for a Skype Interview

At its core, a Skype Interview isn’t that different than a face to face interview. You need to learn about the company and preparing for a Skype interview questions about yourself and what you can bring to the company.

In addition to a phone interview, your job search will probably include a Skype (or other visual platform) interview.

It is important to spend time preparing your environment and testing the technology before the interview.

As with a phone interview, if you are on campus and living in a dorm or other shared space, identify a quiet spot where you will be free from interruption and have good reception.  You may need to ask Career Services to give you use of a quiet room.

Once you have identified your space, test the platform you will be using and see how you look, how the background looks and whether the camera and the microphone are working properly.

On the day of the interview, dress as if you are meeting the interviewer in person. Pay careful attention to your grooming, your teeth, and any makeup

During the interview: Turn off your phone ringer. Smile and engage in eye contact with the interviewer, do not stare at yourself in the camera. Take notes

As with all interviews:

Before the call ends, make sure to get full contact details for your interviewer. Understand timing and next steps.  Express your interest in the role, thank the interviewer.

After the interview, reflect on your notes, what have you learned, is there  anything you might want to clarify or add in a follow up thank you email.

Say thank you!

Send the thank you email within the day, or at the latest, within 24 hours. Anyone who helps you should receive a thank you note and an on-going progress update. If you find an article or information that is relevant, send it to them to show that you are a thinker and that you appreciate their attention.

If you want another opinion reinforcing the need to say thank you, check out this article on How to Write a Thank you Note

Good luck and enjoy exploring your opportunities!  Contact us at or for further help with your job search.

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