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  • One-on-One Career Coaching

    Tailored to your needs, our career advisors partner with you in your job search. Discussing goals and strategy, working on the resume, cover letter, social media, message, contact network creation, outreach, action plan, interview, and offer. We are with you every step of the way, empowering job seekers to become career management experts, whether you have lost your job, are considering a change, or are seeking your first entry level position.

    Career advice and coaching can be powerful for a student who feels lost in the process and would benefit from additional support.  A special coaching session for parents helps parents understand how to be effective at adding value as a resource without taking over the job search.  Additional career coaching is also valuable to the career services office where we partner to identify students seeking extra assistance, maximizing resources and developing process, materials and action plan.  People in mid-career seeking to change jobs benefit from the opportunity to reflect, discuss and then redevelop job search skills.

    To learn more, contact us by phone on 860-310-4730 or reach out by email on  Ready to get started?  Contact us here

  • Resume Creation and Interview Preparation

    Are you looking for just a few sessions to fine tune your job hunting skills before reaching out to companies that are hiring or network contacts? We can help you. Our team will work with you to create a resume and cover letter or practice for a job interview. The focus is up to you, we are here to help.

    A few sessions may be just what you need as you consider your career path. Career advice can help you perfect a resume or practice interviews.  Students who have worked through the Career Services resource and want a little more, or periodic help, can benefit from this service.  Many of our clients in mid-career who are seeking a change or getting ready for their first interview in many years, appreciate the opportunity to start with this product.   Career Services is often looking for a way to expand reach to students looking for additional oversight and preparation, this package can be the perfect solution.

    To learn more, contact us by phone on 860-310-4730 or reach out by email on  Ready to get started?  Contact us here

  • Contact Network Management

    Our clients have asked for a way to build a private contact network database to use in the job search for a dream job. Our system will consolidate your important contacts into one platform. We work with you to sort, rank and predict the top 20 people most likely to help land the right role.

    Job seekers at all levels and stages of the search can benefit from a strategic look at their personal contact network.  We help you take the data off of your public platforms and pull in information from friends and family, to create a proprietary networking platform that will augment other job search activities.

    In development now, our beta test will soon be ready to test.  To learn more, contact us by phone on 860-310-4730 or reach out by email on  Ready to get started?  You can also sign up to be the first to participate in the beta test.  Sign up here

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