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What challenges were you facing?

I had graduated from Animation School and was improving gradually at my craft.  However,  I had no clue how to promote myself, find work, network or take myself seriously as an Artist or a Craftsman.  In other words, I didn’t know what I wanted.

Why did you choose to work with CareerAmplify?

They came highly recommended 

What was the process?

We held weekly Skype conversations. We started to map out the potential avenues in the Animation world.  We built a list of contacts using every tool at our disposal, including social media, alumni, friends and direct marketing.  Debbie raised possibilities I never considered, like teaching.

It was hard at first because the creative arts are super competitive and success is nearly impossible to define. 

The moment I started taking myself seriously and following Debbie’s  advice, I was transformed into a clear minded, energetic and focused individual. This person was inside me the whole time and it took the kind of help Debbie can give to set him free.

The task I found hardest was reaching out. I am, by nature, a humble person and it took quite a bit of coaching to release me from my constraints

I understood that self-promotion wasn’t a shameful endeavor 

I learned that if you want to live on this planet and not be bitter, you have to stop fighting it and just work with what it offers.

What helped you most?

Debbie was patient, understanding and never gave up on me. Though I was on the verge of giving upon myself more than once.

What did you do differently as a result of the career coaching?

I left the house and met people in my or similar disciplines, we shared experiences and knowledge and suddenly, I wasn’t alone.

Any other outcomes you would like to share?

 What seemed impossible not so long ago, now appears like just another fun journey

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