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What challenges were you facing?

I was looking for jobs on websites and wanted to know how to find an informative job-posting platform, what to consider in my first “real” “post-graduate” job, and how to show my personality but still sound professional in a cover letter and resume.

Why did you choose to work with Debbie?

Firstly, she is a dear friend of my mother’s, but even if she wasn’t, I would choose to work with her.  She has a very determined and bold personality which I personally lack. It was very helpful to have her sort of pushing me in that direction in my job search.  She reminds me it’s important to be confident and assured of my skills and what I have to offer.  Debbie is smart, wise, and has a good heart while still remaining realistic. I really love being around her and talking with her in general, so having her help me is a great bonus.

What was the process?

We reviewed my background.  Debbie understanding that I don’t know exactly which direction I want to go in, but the types of work I’ve been involved with in the past, including my studies, and also my areas of interest really helped.  She reviewed my resume and cover letter for a specific application, and gave me technical advice.  She also helped me reframe how I should approach this process. She gave me the idea to create a personal “mission statement,” and refer to it when applying for jobs but also in my own mind when I’m deciding what kind of fields and positions to look and apply for.

What helped you most?

This mission statement creation has really helped me because that was where I was able to identify the skills that I have to offer.  That understanding helped in my personal confidence for this whole process.

What did you do differently as a result of the career coaching?

I have a new sense of confidence and purpose ever since I created this mission statement and hearing how Debbie suggest I approach my post-graduate job search.  Because of Debbie, I’m now looking more to LinkedIn, my former college peers, and organizations of interests’ websites for job postings, rather than just surfaced checks on Indeed.  So I am searching for postings in new places and referring back to my own mission statement when deciding if an open position is one I want to pursue or not.

Any other outcomes you would like to share?

I am still in the process of job-searching but I will happily share the outcomes once I land a job, because it will surely be because of the great suggestions and advice that Debbie has given me, which I am currently utilizing every time I sit down to search.  You rock Debbie thank you!!!! 


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