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What challenges were you facing?

Three years after graduating college, I found myself itching to move on from my first job and make a career transition, but not quite sure how to market my seemingly unfocused entry level experiences to something more challenging and substantial. I had some experience under my belt, but was at the point where I wanted more from my career.   

Why did you choose to work with CareerAmplify?

At that point, I knew what industry I wanted to transition to, but needed to figure out how to transfer my current role and skills. I also needed to hone my job search strategy, including my networking skills.  

What was the process?

Debbie coached me through this daunting process, which started with exploratory conversations on what I was interested in pursuing, what I liked and didn’t like about my current role, and then evolved quickly into action. We had regular conversations to talk strategy about specific jobs, networking opportunities, and how to approach each one tactfully. 

 What helped you most?

I became so daunted by how I was going to move forward that I really began to doubt my abilities to do so. Having Debbie as a sounding board, coach, and strategist really helped me take action and hold myself accountable. 

 What did you do differently as a result of the career coaching? 

Debbie helped draw the energy to move forward out of me and focus it on my goals. It helped me turn the transition into a job in and of itself. I became less timid and more confident by learning and practicing the tools she taught me to get where I wanted to go.  

 Any other outcomes you would like to share? 

I’m happy to report that working with Debbie resulted in three simultaneous job offers (which she then helped me tactfully negotiate between). I am happy with the choice I made, which has led to the challenging and fulfilling career I wanted.

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