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What challenges facing your son after graduating from college?

My son wanted to find a job in finance and/or consulting after (i) graduating from a liberal arts college as an economics major and (ii) spending the previous summer as an intern with a company not involved with finance or consulting.


What was the process?

My son and I talked at length about the type of position he was looking for and the relevant resources available to me. I have a large number of contacts in commercial banking and also run a private investment firm that specializes in distressed companies.

My son spent the summer following graduation from college working as an unpaid intern at my company’s Boston office. He also worked as a weekend restaurant manager to make money to pay his bills.

My son landed a job with a Boston based investment banker/broker specializing in high tech companies in the fall following his graduation. The pay wasn’t very good at his new job so he continued his weekend restaurant engagement.

During this time, my son continued his networking efforts with my help and the help of family and friends. He met a lot of people but didn’t find the right position.

Around Thanksgiving of that year, my son was told of an opportunity with the office of a national bank that specialized in high tech companies. He applied and was eventually hired for a position in the bank’s associate training program. He has been with the bank for the last four years.


What helped him the most?

I think my son did a good job building his resume with unpaid and low-paid internships. The first internship, together with his academic credentials, helped him move to the second internship. The contacts he acquired at his second internship led him to his paying job.


What would you have done differently?

My son didn’t use effectively his potential college alumni contacts. My son played football in college and belonged to a fraternity in college. The person who hired him at the bank was a fellow alumnus who also played football and belonged to the same fraternity. This alumnus also grew up in a town that was adjacent to the town where we live. He was 20 years older than my son but they had a lot in common. My son should have discovered this alumnus as a potential resource a lot earlier.

My son and I also never reviewed all of our contacts in an orderly fashion. In hindsight, we needed to engage in a process where we reviewed all of our contacts (including potential alumni contacts) to see who could help my son in his job search.



Any other outcomes you would like to share?

I decided to invest in CareerAmplify in part because of our experience with my son’s job search. We both agreed that job seekers and their family and friends needed a more effective way of reviewing, sorting and utilizing their personal contact networks. CareerAmplify‘s mission is to bring order and efficiency to that process.

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