Top Ten Job Search Tips for College Students

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Job Search for College Students

Top Ten Job Search Tips for College Students

  1. Go to Career Services and check the Career Services website.  Become familiar with the staff and the job search offerings. Sign in for the job board and any Career Services platforms.
  2. Get your resume done and over with. If possible use the format recommended by your school.
  3. Create a basic cover letter that you will always edit, and many employers and recruiters will not read. But for employers who care and do read it, the cover letter may be the most important document you send.
  4. Create a Linkedin page or edit your Linkedin page. The summary is where your personality can shine. If you did a great project or learned something, even in the most basic job, talk about it. Articulate your goals and what you are looking for.
  5. Make sure any poor decisions you have made are taken off of your social media accounts.
  6. Sit down with your parent or other person you respect, and start creating a contact network database. Your goal – identify the top 20 people who will help you take the next steps toward a job or internship.
  7. Reconnect with former employers and anyone you networked with in the past. Let them know where you have been working over the summer, something you studied or read that is relevant to them, or any piece of information that is not asking for help. Just say hello!
  8. Send thank you’s to anyone you worked with over the summer, or during the school year, who was significant to your experience.
  9. Start thinking about your message. Three lines about who you are and what you are trying for. Make sure you, your parents and any other important people in your life, know the message and can repeat it!
  10. Commit to a process. If you are looking for an internship, summer job or first full time job, find out when the hiring will start, set specific dates and times to work on the search.


The job hunt shouldn’t be stressful. Try and enjoy exploring your options! It is a chance to seek opportunities and learn about the world.

We look forward to working with you to make your job search successful and low stress! Visit our website for more information or please reach out by phone or email.


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